For each phase of the SHED experience, we will be collaborating with notable talents and creatives. was designed and conducted with artists SLIMEENGINE and MOUNTAIN RIVER JUMP!
Phase 1
Once you claimed your SHED-01 NFTs
1.Earned an early spot in the community 
2.Depending on the rarity and quantity of the artifacts collected, some collectors will be eligible for claiming a special reward as your next collectible with us. Details on fun utilities will be announced in the future. 
3.SHED-01 includes a prophecy reading provided on the website according to the prediction system created by artist MRJ! Once you get your 3 signs, check out the reading in the SHED DISCORD to get an explanation of the signs. 
2666 spiritual artifacts with attributes and utilities to unseal the NFT experience with us
Start to come up with a question you want to ask
Let it float in your mind
It can be anything, the direction of your life, financial questions, current situation, career path, love...
When the question is clear, press consult

Slime Engine is an online platform organization that utilizes the virtual world, not limited by time and space, to develop unprecedented forms of art, exhibition and experience.  Slime Engine excels at integrating art, as well as interspersing and placing art in everyday experience. Their practice is based on parody and reconstruction of the existing reality, creating a new reality with an integrated collage aesthetics to provide critical response to the structure and order of the current world.      

Mountain River Jump !
Mountain River Jump! is an artist duo founded in 2016 by twin sisters Huang Shan and Huang He, who were born in 1985. The duo has a variety of creative formats in art, often applying "divination consulting" as a performance to examine the potential of such art medium, and to interact with the audience at the intrinsic level. With their studies into Oriental mysticism and folklore, the artists pry opens the topics of identity politics, labor issues, feminism, life politics, modernity and others. They pay attention to the embodiment of mythological clues in a daily context, attempting to carry out "psychoanalysis" of the reality, and reflecting on the materialist culture within modern China and its psychological status.
Frequently Asked Questions
1. What is SHED?

Shed is a web3 platform combining art/fashion/tech together to build a unique dimension in the web3 world.  Check out our vision on the official website(

2. Is

Yes. The artists have been holding workshops internationally, and we might open an AMA to connect our holders directly with the artists 

there a Discord?
3. What happens after SHED-1

There will be SHED-2-3 and further experience built on each crypto art collection and NFTs. Although the team plans things out, we are doing an open-format roadmap. Spoil us with good ideas.

Yes. The artists have been holding workshops internationally, and we might open for an AMA as reward to our holders.  

4. Rarity distribution of SHED-1 NFTs
5. Is

Yes. The artists have been holding workshops internationally, and we might open for an AMA as reward to our holders.  

the prophecy reading legit?
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